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Veteran Owned 

Alchemical Genetics (A.G.) is a small family business that offers affordable  organic medicinal marijuana seeds. We do not chase market trends.  Our breeding program began as a group of U.S. military veterans who collectively smoke tested mother plants to determine which Phenos  to keep of our original crosses. The mothers were selected for their efficacy with common symptoms among the Veteran community.   Using real time human feed back A.G. was able to  preserve and improve our original strains over generations of selection.  A.G.'s long term breeding goals target symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, PTSD and chronic pain. This is to guarantee a rare, medicinal variety that delivers relief and overall wellness.   



Contact Alchemical Genetics

For more information contact our head breeder@alchemicalgenentics.com, Instagram and FB. 

Falcore by Alchemical Genetics! 

Available exclusively at Pinky Peninsula Genetics!! pinkygenetics.com  

Falcore:  Dead Unicorn X *Sour Strawberries(Crocket Family farms


Dead Unicorn by Alchemical Genetics!

Available for purchase exclusively at Pinky Peninsula Genetics


 Dead Unicorn: 50%*Bruce Banner3, 25% *Strawberry Diesel F3, 25% Tahoe OG

 Falcore: *Dead Unicorn X *Sour Strawberries(Crocket Family farms

Strawberry Banana Thai Die: *Banana Highland Thai X *Falcore


*Sour Strawberries (Strawberry Banana X Sour/Chem (crockett family farms)                           *Bruce Banner3 (Dark Horse genetics)                                                                                                           *Strawberry diesel  F3 (Fractal Genetics)                                                                                                       *Tahoe OG (Cali Connection)                                                                                                                             *Dead Unicorn ( Alchemical Genetics)                                                                                                             *Falcore (Alchemical Genetics)                                                                                                      *Platinum Banana Highland Juicy Fruit Thai (riot seed co                                                                                

What sets us apart

Rare genetics that you can't find any where else. These are for old school strain lovers and connoisseurs alike that are looking for that special parent to take their breeding to the next level. Grow your own medicine that helps alleviate chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD and insomnia.

Organic Farming

We take pride in our Vegan Organic or "Veganic" farming is the organic form of animal free agriculture. Whether using Veganic, True Living Organic, or Biodynamic farming techniques, Alchemical Genetics always grows without the use of  harmful fertilizers or pesticides to ensure a clean, and safe harvest.

Premium Strains

 Falcore- 7 year breeding project  30% THC Available Now!!                                                     Dead Unicorn -  Sold Out!!               Strawberry Banana Thai-die - Rare sativa dominate  *UNRELEASED*

Old School Breeder

Our head breeder has over  20 years of seed making and breeding experience. They first fell in love with Cannabis in the pre-internet days of the 1990's. Alchemical Genetics (A.G) strains are chosen and their prodigies selected based on their effects and ability to help alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.   


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Disclaimer: 21+ only. Medical Marijuana seeds do not contain THC and are sold legal as a "Novelty".