[Dead Unicorn F4 (Alchemical Genetics) x Sour Strawberries (Crockett Family Farms)]

Dead Unicorn: [Banner 1.0 (Dark Horse Genetics) X Strawberry OG (Cali Connection)]                                                                               Sour Strawberries: [(Strawberry Bubblegum / Banana OG) X (Sour /Chem)]

With Lab Tests results over 30 % Falcore mixes her rare unique flavor with "never ending stonie" strength that connoisseur smokers demand.  Strawberry Bubblegum terps meet Strawberry Diesel terps with Banana OG / Chem in the middle.  F1  Pheno-types of Falcore include flavors our testers describe as  "Strawberry Banana Skunk Funk", "Banana Jet Fuel", "Strawnana BubbleGum/ Chem".  Experienced  heads reach for the Falcore when they need an original exotic tasting strain that alleviates anxiety and crushes chronic pain while still providing  a euphoric, creative, sociable experience.  


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Disclaimer: 21+ only. Medical Marijuana seeds do not contain THC and are sold legal as a "Novelty".