2014 picture of Alchemical Genetics' selected Strawberry OG originally bred by Cali Connection: (Banner#3 X Tahoe OG) pollenated with Banner 1.0 (Banner#3 X Strawberry Diesel F3) pollen.  This was the original F1 cross seed that created the "Dead Unicorn" line
Another Strawberry OG (Cali Connection) selected for breeding with the Banner 1.0 (Darkhorse Genetics)pollen
Original release from Darkhorse Genetics in 2014 = Dead Unicorn's father (Banner#3 X Strawberry Diesel F3)
F1 seed of Dead Unicorn 50%Banner#3 25%Tahoe OG 25%Strawbery Diesel F3 {mother in pic is Strawberry OG}
Dead Unicorn F1 test seedling 2015.  Test seedlings are grown with as little topping or training as possible in order to see how the cross naturally wants to grow without interference and then base future training on the results.  This lower larf bud showed amazing trichrome development and gave off the trademark Dead Unicorn "Strawberry Road Kill terps"

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Disclaimer: 21+ only. Medical Marijuana seeds do not contain THC and are sold legal as a "Novelty".